Self-employed mortgages.
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The Cambridge believe in assessing every case - including Self Employed - on its own merits.

Self-employed customers have access to exactly the same range of mortgage products as everyone else and we’ll only request at least two years’ worth of company accounts.

Self-employed customers are more likely to have different needs and have individual circumstances, such as:

  • not everyone draws an income from their Company
  • there may be times when additional drawing is taken from retained profit, or
  • accountant’s advice may be to change trading styles from a Sole Trader to a Limited Company

None of these present issues at The Cambridge.

When you submit an application the income source has already been approved and agreed without paying any fees, this is because we underwrite the case based on a full review of the information presented - including the company accounts, at DIP Stage - all saving time and possible disappointment for your clients.

We pride ourselves on our expertise to fully understand Limited Company Accounts, Partnerships and Sole Traders.

Our current service levels

Calls answered within

Current service

1 min

Target 30 secs

DIP Decision

Current service

3 days

Target 2 days

Mortgage Application

App received to reviewed

12 days

Target 3 days

Documents to be reviewed Current service 2 days

Offer Produced Fully packaged application to offer 7 days