Why Intermediaries like working with The Cambridge – seven sides of The Cambridge team

15 January 2019 • Products & Services

The Cambridge is committed to delivering a clear, timely and straightforward service to intermediaries at a time when their needs, and those of their clients, are becoming more complex than ever before.

We offer a diverse and flexible range of mortgage products and pair this with easy-to-understand and consistent criteria, first-class service and additional personalised support for cases with more unusual or specific requirements.

We understand that intermediaries require clarity and the ability to maintain momentum and confidence with their clients while also being able to secure great rates – this is exactly what our team aim to deliver.

The Cambridge – 7 ways we deliver for Intermediaries

Intermediary Manager Kathy Bowes answers seven questions that show how The Cambridge's team can offer you something different in our levels of service.

1. So much of the work of a Business Development team is about communication. What personal and professional skills help you achieve positive working relationships with intermediaries?

Kathy says: Communication, familiarisation and expertise are key to developing relationships. We have a team of four Business Development Assistants all of whom are CeMap qualified or working towards this qualification. They are all experts in our lending criteria and pride themselves on being able to talk a case through at the outset and give an accurate indication about whether The Cambridge would support the case. In the rare instance they are unsure they will communicate quickly with our Underwriters to get an answer. We are a small team which means our intermediaries get to know us, whether by telephone, livechat or email. We answer 80% of our calls within 30 seconds and we are always happy to send out one of our Business Development Managers to talk to the individual/firm or address a team meeting to ensure greater understanding and improved relationship building.

2. What do you see as the major challenges facing intermediaries? How are you and The Cambridge able to assist in negotiating them?

Kathy says: These days, fewer customer circumstances are straightforward; they may be self-employed, facing a marital split, wanting to live in their house into retirement, or maybe needing to use their income to support a shortfall in rent. So, many cases need discussion before submission. At The Cambridge we see these challenges daily and are always here to help.

3. Both working as an intermediary and as part of a Business Development team can be challenging but what is some of the common ground that unites the two roles?

Kathy says: Both roles require understanding of the customer’s needs, being easily accessible and contactable, simple technology, and being able to help the customer now and in the future.

4. Select membership brings many benefits to intermediaries. If you were an intermediary why would you want to be part of it?

Kathy says: The Select club is made up of our top 26 intermediaries. Membership is based on mortgage volume, quality of submission and the payment conduct of previously introduced customers. It enables the intermediary to have access to all products we offer, including exclusives with other networks; members gain access to products/criteria others don’t benefit from if we wish to limit distribution or trial criteria and when we’re unable to help borrowers who come to us directly, we refer them to our Select group. Select members benefit from regular face-to-face meetings with one of our Business Development Managers and we host events for them across the year to say thank you and to continue to build our relationship.

5. Rates are obviously one of the major draws for any intermediary. What are the other significant ways The Cambridge makes a difference?

Kathy says: We cannot compete on rate alone and so ensure that we can help when others can’t – through our criteria, manual underwriting (to ensure we fully understand a case), soft search at DIP and continued work to develop new propositions we know will be of benefit to intermediaries and their clients. 

6. The Cambridge has been part of its community for more than 160 years. How does this long history impact your role in helping intermediaries and their clients?

Kathy says: We have always provided mortgages to help people own their own homes and to give them a trusted place to save. This mission has never changed and over the last 160 years we have ensured we understand our borrowers' needs so we are able to offer solutions to help when others can’t, whether that be directly or through our intermediary partners.

7. What motivates you most about your role?

Kathy says: Being able to help our intermediaries find solutions when others can’t. This, in turn, enables their clients to achieve their desired outcomes and demonstrates the fabulous service of The Cambridge. Building relationships with intermediaries is my other motivator, we have some fabulous people to work with who truly understand The Cambridge and really value the work the team does.

Every mortgage matters

For more than 160 years The Cambridge Building Society has been trying to help “every man become his own landlord”. We understand that every case comes with different priorities but that ultimately everyone wants the same thing: the security of a home they own themselves.

The relationships we build with our intermediaries are a major part of this philosophy. Whether you are an established partner of The Cambridge or someone who is new to the service of our Society, you can trust us to work on your behalf.

Every case is treated with the same level of diligence, respect and personalised service that have been the hallmarks of The Cambridge ever since its beginnings in 1850. However, today these qualities are enhanced by the development of technology to give you an even better experience with us.