We've launched 80% LTV Buy to Let mortgages

30 March 2022 • Products & Services

We've increased the maximum Loan to Value of our Buy to Let range from 75% to 80% to help landlords buy rental properties in England and Wales.

Top Slicing is also available to further support landlords.

The products include a 2-year Discounted mortgage at 2.74% without application or completion fees, and a 5-year Fixed Rate at 2.99% with a £199 application fee and £800 completion fee, for new and existing customers, and a 3-year Fixed Rate at 2.99%, without application or completion fees for existing mortgage customers only.

Product Manager, Dan Barker, said: “This is great news for landlords looking for the opportunity to purchase with a smaller deposit.

“Our rates are also very competitively priced, include fee-free options and the ability to top slice. Plus, as we assess all applications on a case by case basis, we can offer as much flexibility as possible.”

These products are available for landlords who have a maximum of three mortgaged rental properties and who are not deemed portfolio landlords.

Loans can be considered up to 80% loan to value, between £20,000 and £750,000 and are available for purchases, remortgages, product switches and further advances.

We continue to offer both Buy to Let expat and holiday lets, including Airbnb for landlords up to 75% LTV.

The range is available from Thursday, 31st March.

Our mortgage products can be found by clicking here. All our mortgages are available on properties across England and Wales.

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