We've cut rates on our core mortgage range

7 December 2021 • Products & Services

We've reduced interest rates on our core mortgage range and reduced or withdrawn application and completion fees across many of our mortgage products.

Our core 2-year fixed rate 80% LTV mortgage is cut from 2.29% to 2.09% and fee amended to £999 on completion.

The interest only version is also available up to 70% LTV at 2.09% with £1699 fee charged at completion.

Our core 80% LTV 2.64% 5-year fixed rate and fee free 2.79% 5 Year fixed rate mortgages are withdrawn, and replaced with a fee free mortgage at 2.49%, and a 70% LTV interest only version with £1699 fee at completion.

Our fixed rate 90% LTV products are cut by up to 0.30%, with both application and completion fees removed.

Head of Lending, Tracy Simpson, said: “We constantly review our product range and fees to ensure they are competitively-priced and offer our customers variety and choice to meet their needs.”

We continue to offer free legal fees and valuations for remortgages.

All loans are between £50,000 and £2m (£500,000 maximum for Interest Only) and are available for purchase, remortgages, product switches and further advances on properties across England and Wales.

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