Making The Difference

8 October 2018 • Products & Services

With our roots and heritage firmly in Cambridge we regularly see the challenges faced by those in our local community who want to have a home. We know we’re in a unique position to be able to make a difference to many more people who couldn't buy without our help.

This autumn sees the start of our new initiatives and partnerships to deliver this aim. These will not be commercially focused and for us there will be little, if any, financial gain. However, the more successful we are in our business the more investment we can make into these initiatives.

The first initiative is the First Step Mortgage, it’s a 98% LTV product built specifically for our members buying within a 15 mile radius of our branch and store network. 

This product isn’t available to intermediaries outside of our Cambridge Select club at the moment, but we’re so proud of it we just had to let you know. As a partner placing business with us, your efforts will directly support our ability to make the difference.