Kathy is taking the big LEAAAP

4 May 2017 • Community

Daredevil Kathy A.K.A your Intermediary Manager takes to the skies this weekend to experience the thrill of a free fall, tandem skydive, rocketing through the clouds to help support those who save lives across East Anglia.

The skydive takes place on 20th May in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance, the charity that provides a helicopter emergency medical service for the people of East Anglia.

“This year is a big birthday for me, so here sitting at my desk I’m thinking that pushing the boundaries as you get older is a good thing?!

“I’m absolutely terrified of heights so I can’t believe I even put myself forward. I’m petrified but also really looking forward to conquering my fear in a pretty extreme way. And of course it’s for a fab cause!

"Each mission costs the charity £3,500, if you’ve got two minutes please make a donation helping me support this great cause - I'd really appreciate it” - Kathy, Intermediary Manager 

P.S Take a look at my video below!