Cambridge appoints new Chief Operating Officer

14 September 2021 • Corporate

We’ve officially announced the appointment of Lucy Crumplin as our new Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board following approval by the financial regulators.

Lucy joined us in November 2019 to lead our Human Resource department as Head of People before becoming interim COO in April 2020.

“I found a team I loved and a society with a real energy, sense of purpose and ambition, and was delighted to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer,” said Lucy.

“Just one of the nice things about The Cambridge is the potential to develop your career in ways you might not have imagined on your first day here.”

Lucy has responsibility for ensuring we have everything in place to grow our business.

CEO, Peter Burrows, said: “Lucy is a pleasure to work with and makes a real impact. She has been instrumental in attracting team members with outstanding customer service skills, and implementing safe and effective IT.”

Lucy has also helped develop our various customer channels, which include 12 branches in and around Cambridge, our customer contact centre, online banking and the mobile app, and our head office in Newmarket Road.