BTL Rental Income Calculator

13 September 2018 • Products & Services

Whether your client is a first time landlord or has a portfolio of properties our NEW BTL Rental Income Calculator now makes it even easier for you to submit a case with The Cambridge. 

Find out how much we can offer your client in two simple steps – all you need is the rental income or loan amount:

Step 1

Choose ‘Mortgage required’ or ‘Rent achievable’

Step 2

Select the ‘Mortgage type’


We’ll either confirm the monthly rent required or the loan amount. 

Finally login and submit your DIP – simple!

We use the same calculations as our Underwriters to guarantee you accuracy with your cases and to speed up approval of your DIPs.  

We're always looking for ways to harness the potential of online systems to find solutions for you and your clients. Our BTL Rental Income Calculator is just one of the developments you’ve asked for at