Proof of income

For all applicants

We will need to see their last three months' bank statements showing all income that has been used for affordability, and monthly rental payments if currently renting.


For buy to let remortgages we'll require proof of rental income confirmed by statements, an AST or a letter from the management company.


Our Underwriters may request further documentation to support the mortgage application. We will confirm this at the time of the DIP decision.

For employed applicants

We require their three most recent monthly payslips or their 12 most recent weekly payslips and their latest P60.

For self employed applicants

We require the last 2 years’ Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews. For Limited Companies and Partnerships we’ll also require 2 years’ full financial accounts if the LTV exceeds 60%, or if borrowing is to be based on share of net profits. The latest year of all documents supplied must not be more than 15 months old.


Please refer to the self employed applicants section of our criteria for acceptable accountants’ qualifications and information on which income can be used.

Pension or Benefits income

We will need the most recent pension statement or entitlement letter from each provider.