Switching mortgage deals - How to

  1. Requesting information about your customer

    Give us a call on 0345 601 2744 to request the information you need about your customer. If your customers account has multiple parts, not all parts may be coming to an end. The team will be able to confirm this over the phone or via email.

    If you're not the named intermediary who arranged the customer's mortgage or are not currently registered with us you'll need to complete the Intermediary Customer Information Request Form and email it to intermediary@cambridgebs.co.uk - make sure you zip and password protect any documents with sensitive information to keep them safe

  2. Receiving information about your customer

    We can confirm your customer's details over the phone to allow you to speak with them about the most appropriate mortgage for their needs.

    If you're not the named intermediary who arranged the customer's mortgage or are not currently registered with us we'll securely email you the information you need about your customer's mortgage.

  3. Find the right products

    Our switching options will be listed on Trigold and Mortgage Brain and will be labelled ‘Product Switch’ or you can take a look on our products page.

    If your customer’s mortgage has more than one part, you’ll need to request a European Standardised Information Sheet from us to illustrate the whole mortgage - just give us a call to do this.

  4. Proceeding with the product switch

    If your customer accepts the European Standardised Information Sheet and wants to proceed they'll need to sign the Product Switch Acceptance Form which you can zip, password protect and email to intermediary@cambridgebs.co.uk

    Mortgage switches take place on the first day of the month, provide us with all the required documentation by the 10th of the month before the switch date to ensure a smooth switch for your customer.

    Your customers can switch up to 90 days before the end of their current deal without incurring Early Repayment Charges.

  5. Done!

    We’ll make sure the switch takes place and we'll send you an email to confirm when this will happen. We'll pay your procuration fee within 30 days of the switch.


    Need a new valuation? 

    To assess your customers loan to value we will use an index-linked valuation figure.

    If a new valuation is required we'll need the following information:

     - customer’s mortgage account number

     - customer’s contact number for payment of the valuation fee, and the best person to contact to allow access to the property

     - estimated current property value

    This information can be provided to us over the phone (0345 601 2744) or securely via email to intermediary@cambridgebs.co.uk

    Your customer will be contacted directly by Legal and General Surveying Services for payment of the fee and we’ll make sure you get a copy of the valuation report too.