How to apply

  1. Register with us

    Register for our Online Intermediary Portal.

  2. Set up your payment route

    This is extremely important unless your procuration fee is paid directly to your network or company. We’re unable to change the payment route once a DIP is submitted and if the case is submitted with the wrong payment route this will need to be cancelled and re-submitted.

    To set up your payment route, simply click on "My Profile" on the Online Intermediary Portal and choose the option "Change my submission route list". The list shown here will be available when applying for a Decision In Principle.

    Take a look at our networks and clubs page to see the options available.

  3. Apply for a Decision In Principle

    Apply now and choose your product.

    Important information: The application fee will need to be paid when the application is submitted and the mortgage valuation will be instructed on the day the case is picked up. If the supporting documents do not match the information declared the case may be declined, and the application fee along with any valuation fee paid will be non-refundable. 

  4. Submit your application

    Now you have your Decision In Principle, you can proceed to full mortgage application on the Online Intermediary Portal by selecting the proceed button.

    Once complete, print pages 17 and 21 for your customer(s) to sign.

  5. Payment of fees

    The application fee will need to be paid by debit card on submission, this is non-refundable. The completion fee can be paid at the same time if your customer chooses to pay it upfront.

  6. Supporting documents and valuation

    Visit our Proof of income and Acceptable Identification guides for a full list of documents you'll need to upload.

    If applicable, you'll also need to upload any additional documentation requested in your Decision In Principle email.

    Your case manager will review these documents and be in contact if anything further is required.

    If a valuation fee is applicable our panel manager, Legal and General, will contact your customer(s) directly to arrange for the fee to be paid.

  7. Interest Only applicants (Residential only)

    If your customer has chosen Sale of Property as the Interest Only repayment method please also ask them to sign the Interest Only form and upload it to the Online Intermediary Portal.

  8. Solicitors

    The Cambridge uses an approved Solicitor panel. If you wish the Society to consider adding a Solicitor to our panel, the Solicitor will need to apply via Lender Exchange and be eligible based on our criteria. You can contact Lender Exchange on 0344 244 3784 to discuss the application process.

    If your customer has selected a non-panel Solicitor, they’ll be responsible for our legal fees in addition to their own legal fees. Please get in touch for an indication of the additional cost.

  9. View your offer

    You can now access the mortgage offer through the Online Intermediary Portal.

  10. Completion

    The mortgage is now complete and we'll pay your procuration fee within 30 days of completion.