How to submit a Help to Buy application

  1. Find the right products

    Our Help to Buy products will be listed on Trigold and Mortgage Brain. You can also take a look at our products page. When selecting a product, make sure you look for those labelled Help to Buy.

  2. Submitting a Help to Buy application

    To let us know you are submitting a Help to Buy decision in principle, we need you to select 'Shared Equity' on the Loan Details page of the application journey. This will generate a drop down list labelled 'Equity Scheme Provider'. For Help to Buy, you need to select 'Other' from this list. 

    If you are requesting a Help to Buy re-mortgage, we can only consider DIPs with the same remaining term as your client's existing Help to Buy Loan.

  3. Providing information about the deposit

    To help us identify the deposit, we need you to show your client's deposit and the equity loan separately within the 'Source of deposit' section of the application. Please ensure 'Other' is selected for the Help to Buy equity loan. 

  4. Confirming the Equity Loan repayments

    The Help to Buy Equity Loan needs to be entered under 'Loan and hire purchases' within the commitments section.

    In the box for 'Lender', enter the name of the Help to Buy agent. 

    If this is a remortgage, you will need to include the monthly payment of the equity loan. This should be stressed at 1.75%.

    If it is a purchase then we won't factor in the stressed monthly payment of the equity loan, so please enter £0 in the 'Monthly payment' box. 

  5. Complete your submission

    Once you have submitted your DIP and Help to Buy Property Information form (via the Online Intermediary Portal), our underwriters will manually review the case within the agreed service level. If approved, you will receive confirmation via e-mail. You can then proceed to full mortgage application. 

    Remember we need to have the Help to Buy Property Information Form at DIP stage for our Underwriters to be able to fully review the case. Please upload this document through your Online Intermediary Portal.