Additional borrowing - how to

  1. Requesting information about your customer

    Give us a call on 0345 601 2744 to request the information you need about your customer.

    If you're not the named intermediary who arranged the customer’s mortgage or are not currently registered with us you'll need to complete the Intermediary Customer Information Request Form and email it to - make sure any documents with sensitive information are password protected to keep them safe.

  2. Receiving information about your customer

    We can confirm your customer's details over the phone to allow you to speak with them about their additional borrowing.

    If you're not the named intermediary who arranged the customer’s mortgage or are not currently registered with us we'll securely email you the information you need.

  3. Find the right products

    Our additional borrowing options will be listed on Trigold, Mortgage Brain and Twenty7Tec or you can take a look on our products page.

  4. Apply for a decision in principle

    If your customer wants to proceed they'll need to complete and sign the Additional Borrowing Application Form and complete an Income and Expenditure form. You can password protect and email these to

    We’ll input the application, submit the request to our Underwriters and email you once we have a decision.

  5. Payment of fees

    If applicable, the additional borrowing fee can be added to the loan or paid upfront. If your customer would like to pay the fee upfront they’ll need to call us on 0345 601 3180 to pay this by debit card.

  6. Supporting documents and valuation

    Visit our Proof of income and Acceptable Identification guides for a full list of documents you'll need to provide (For additional borrowing you won’t need to prove where your customer lives).

    If applicable, you'll also need to provide any additional documentation requested in your decision in principle email.

    Your additional borrowing application will now be available to view via the Online Intermediary Service. Please upload all supporting documents directly to the Online Intermediary Service for a case packager to review.

    If a re-valuation fee is applicable our panel Manager, Legal and General, will contact your customer directly to arrange for the fee to be paid.

  7. Interest Only applicants (Residential only)

    If your customer has chosen Sale of Property as the interest only repayment method please also ask them to sign the Interest only form and upload this to the Online Intermediary Service.

  8. Solicitors

    In some circumstances your customer will need to instruct a solicitor. Refer to our criteria section and search Further Advances for more information on whether a Solicitor will be required.

    The Cambridge uses an approved solicitor panel. If you’d like us to consider adding a Solicitor to our panel, the Solicitor will need to apply via Lender Exchange and be eligible based on our criteria. You can contact Lender Exchange on 0344 244 3784 to discuss the application process.

    If your customer has selected a non-panel Solicitor, they’ll be responsible for our legal fees in addition to their own legal fees. Please get in touch for an indication of the additional cost.

  9. Completion

    The additional borrowing is now complete and we’ll pay your procuration fee within 30 days of completion.


    If you have any further questions you can talk to the team on 0345 601 2744.